Robert Wise, Jr. was just 17 years old when he decided to enlist in the service in 1952. Now, 56 years later, this proud veteran of the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry in Vietnam gives us a real look at what it means to serve in the armed services.

When I joined the Army, I was just a kid who was proud to serve the people of this great country. Right after basic training, I went straight to Korea. Upon arriving, I was privileged to meet top-notch soldiers, many who became lifetime friends.

My first job was as a tank driver, then a welder and later I was transferred to the engineering division. I liked this job the best.

After 12 months, my stint in Korea was over and I returned to the States and mustered out of the Army. It was a very sad parting, but I returned to northwest Arkansas in 1954, proud to be an American soldier.

Robert C. Wise, Jr. – Two War Veteran

By 1956, I re-enlisted because I missed the regimen and comradery of my fellow soldiers. I was in the Nike missile division. But, soon returned to the engineering division.

During my first tour in Vietnam, my job was refueling aircraft. Soon after, I went on to Flight School. I was commissioned to be a military pilot flying different aircraft including the rotary wing and the fixed wing. I flew gunship 717, supporting the ground troops.

My memories of serving in the U.S. Army for over 20 years, means so much to me. I turned my services into a career because I truly believed in what I was doing – protecting the American people. I still do. To this day, I always salute the flag as it passes me in parades and feel so proud when I hear the American anthem.

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Robert Wise, Jr. (Ambassador) and Jeff Cleavenger (Founder)
– Chief Guitar Foundation