3 Reasons to Support United States Veterans

From Jeffrey Cleavenger – Founder of Chief Guitar Foundation

I built Chief Guitar Foundation to honor my close friend Robert Wise, Jr., 84, who flew gun and lift ships in Vietnam with the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry. He began his military career during the Korean War in 1954, retiring in 1973 as a CW3 after serving nearly 20 years.

Robert Wise, Jr. – Two War Veteran

1. Veterans stand shoulder to shoulder on and off the battlefield

While sharing his wartime experiences, I discovered something undeniably wonderful about our veterans – they always show up to support veterans in need.

2. Honor, Courage and Perseverance – three words veterans live by

Jeffrey Cleavenger (Founder of Chief Guitar Foundation) is committed to supporting veterans

My father served in the Marine Corps. His service and pride in being a Marine taught me respect and honor. Both Robert and my father taught me to honor and respect the sacrifices these courageous men and women have given to keep us free.

3. Soldiers persevere

Life is composed of ups and downs. Learning to get through the downs is key to being successful. Without obstacles, difficulties, struggles, and challenges, life wouldn’t make much sense. Soldiers understand how they become stronger, more compassionate, and more grateful by never giving up. Our brave service men and women know what it’s like to persevere and savor victory, personally and professionally.

What about those men and women who are critically wounded in battle? Here are ways to show respect to wounded warriors as well as continue to persevere:

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Did you know there America’s 3.6 million disabled veterans—a number expected to grow to 4 million by 2020?
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